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So this page is dedicated to the listing of the referral codes of some of the products/services that I use myself, and please feel free to use these codes should you find yourself considering to jump aboard these products/services too and is looking for referral codes to sweeten your joining process with them.

Just to be clear on my end, I don't just randomly include any referral codes that I have here. In order for these referral codes to be listed here, they must fulfil these criteria:

  1. I must be using / have used these products/services myself.

  2. I must be at least fairly satisfied with their product/services on my end.

  3. These referral codes/deals must benefit you too while it benefits me - If not, why bother on your end?

Take note though I am not promoting these listed products/services. While I may find myself fairly satisfied with their products/services, you might beg to differ on your end. However, if you are already considering to use their products/services, then feel free to use my referral codes for a win-win situation to the both of us! :)

Google Pay | Digital Payment

Referral Code ends: 30th Apr 2021

Referral Link: Download the mobile app using this link: (Access link on phone)

Additional Criteria: First time user only; and you need to make a $10 transaction (payment or peer-to-peer transfer) with Google Pay, and be opted-in to Google Pay's offer and rewards.

What you get: $3 cash (in your PayNow account, once above criteria is fulfilled)

What I get: $3 cash

MoneyOwl | Financial Services & Advisory

Referral Code: 3LCY-92WU

What you get: Up to $65 GrabFood credits in total when you sign up an account with them using the referral code, and subsequently utilise MoneyOwl's products and services (Insurance products ($20), Investment products ($20), Comprehensive Financial Planning ($20) and Will Writing Services ($5)). Note, do also let MoneyOwl's agent know that you were referred in, so he can inform his admin department to follow up.

What I get: Accordingly also up to $65 GrabFood credits depending on how much you got

Ohm | Electricity Retailer

Referral Code: OHMREF4F50AE

What you get: $20 off your electricity bill (one-time) when you switch to Ohm

What I get: $20 off my electricity bill (one-time) when you switch to Ohm

ShopBack | Online Cashback and Deals

Referral Link:

What you get: $5 (in your ShopBack account) when you make a first-time purchase of $25 or more

What I get: $5 (in my ShopBack account) when you make a first-time purchase of $25 or more

iHerb | E-Commerce (Supplements)

Referral Code: FRX9997

Additional Note: This code can be used everytime you check out. No limit.

What you get: 5% off your order with iHerb

What I get: 5% (via iHerb rewards credits)

Shopee | E-Commerce

Referral Code: JEFFR435

What you get: $10 off your first purchase on Shopee

What I get: $5 (via Shopee Coins)

Fave | E-Cashback and Deals; Digital Payment

Referral Code: 6YGCH

What you get: $1 off your first purchase (min $20)

What I get: $1 (via Fave credit)

Aprilskin | E-Commerce (Skincare)

Referral Link:

What you get: $5 off your first order

What I get: $5 (when you make your first purchase)

iTea | Food & Beverages (Bubble Tea)

Referral Code: 6656

What you get: $2 iTea credit + $1 iTea voucher, when you sign up (no purchase required)

What I get: $1 iTea voucher, when you sign up (no purchase required)


simply means I may update you when there's something new, and yes it's free!


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