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My Portfolio & Dividend Updates (End Sept 2020)

Monthly update on my Portfolio percentage breakdown and dividends received (if any).

It’s the last day of the month, so it’s time to do a portfolio update. (:

My portfolio listed here consists purely of equities only, and excludes social security (CPF & SRS), debt instrument holdings (i.e. bonds & SSBs etc), emergency funds, as well as personal savings.

As such, any returns from the excluded items above (e.g. dividends from CPFIS, bond coupons and interests from CPF/savings accounts etc) will be excluded in the total amount in the 'Dividend Updates' section below as well.

Portfolio Breakdown by Securities

For the month of September, I took up a decent position of Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) in my portfolio.

AAPL and MSFT are Apple and Microsoft respectively, and I believe they need no further introduction. I didn't look at much financial statements or ratios, or scroll through forums and stock rating websites before I bought them.

The main reason I bought them is simply because I believe that they are well-positioned to grow further and have the ability to do even better in the future. The majority of the world already uses some form of products or services by one of them, and it kinda hard to imagine otherwise.

Even in the extreme situation that you don't directly use any products or services by either of them, the merchants or companies that you patronise definitely utilise products or services by Apple or Microsoft in one way or another. Think Microsoft Office, Outlook and the App Store. Chances are you are already reading this from a device made or operated by one of them. As usual, this is just my own personal take. Please do your own due diligence - this is not a buy call.

Singapore wise, due to the recent drop in share prices of our local counters, local counters now account for approximately 15% of my equity portfolio, a decrease of 4% from the 19% previously. If you recall from my previous post, I did mention that I am looking to sell some of my local stocks as 19% was too high for my preferred growth strategy. Given the drop in local share prices however, I shall continue to hold on to my local counters first, and to only sell some of my local counters in the near future should I get a good price.

Dividend Updates

Received some dividend payout for the month of September from my U.S. holdings that pay quarterly dividends.

With this, my total amount of dividends received since the start of 2020 now stands at S$3,681.95, giving me an average dividend amount of S$409.11 monthly from January till September 2020.

Note: Dividends are recognised after ex-dividend (EX) date.

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Disclaimer: All information contained herein this blog is solely the writer's personal opinion, and does not constitute an offer, recommendation or solicitation of an offer of any kind. Readers are also advised to do their own due diligence, and to consult a financial adviser for any financial advice.

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