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My Portfolio & Dividend Updates (End June 2021)

Monthly update on my Portfolio percentage breakdown and dividends received (if any).

It's the end of the month, so it's time for a portfolio & dividend update. (:

My portfolio listed here consists purely of equities and cryptocurrencies only, and excludes social security (CPF & SRS), debt instrument holdings (i.e. bonds & SSBs etc), emergency funds, as well as personal savings.

As such, any returns from the excluded items above (e.g. dividends from CPFIS/SRS investments, coupons from bonds and interest from saving accounts etc) will be excluded from the total amount in the 'Dividend Updates' section below as well.

Portfolio Breakdown by Securities

I didn't do anything for the month of June, as mentioned in my previous post that I would be focusing on increasing my emergency savings instead of entering the market in the next few months. Once that is done, I would start rebuilding up my Warchest for more investment action.

The month of June also saw all my ETFs soar higher, while my cryptocurrencies went all the way south given the recent crypto market crash.

I am currently debating if I should enter a little bit more into the crypto market, especially when the Crypto Fear & Greed Index at the point of writing is 28 (Fear), though I am being wary here.

I stress again that I am not encouraging anyone to go into cryptocurrencies or to embark on this crypto trading endeavour. Note also that I am fully aware of the risk, and is well prepared to lose everything I put into my cryptocurrency holdings. Please do your own due diligence.

In the mean time, stay safe everyone. :)

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Dividend Updates

June was a great month for dividends, and I received S$576.89 from my various overseas holdings, though my dividends was a lot more when I was still holding a decent amount of local stocks last year. But well, guess that's the trade off when one goes for Growth rather than Dividend Investing.

My total amount of dividends received since the start of 2021 now stands at S$2,022.56, giving me an average dividend amount of S$337.09 monthly from January till June 2021.

Note: Dividends are recognised after ex-dividend (EX) date.

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Disclaimer: All information contained herein this blog is solely the writer's personal opinion, and does not constitute an offer, recommendation or solicitation of an offer of any kind. Readers are also advised to do their own due diligence, and to consult a financial adviser for any financial advice.

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