my Insurance coverage

Jeffrey is a strong believer of the need for adequate insurance coverage. After all, whenever Jeffrey brings an umbrella, it's always bright and sunny, and when he doesn't, it pours cats and dogs. This everyday occurrence has shaped Jeffrey into a strong believer of Murphy's law, and hence solidifying his belief in the need for adequate insurance coverage, especially for someone as suay as himself.

The table below shows the insurance policies that Jeffrey currently holds, as well as their respective coverage. This table is also a format that Jeffrey personally uses to keep track of his own insurance policies. He hopes that his table would come in handy as a good format to his readers that are reviewing their own insurance policies. Jeffrey also appreciates it very much if his readers can point out any potential areas that might be lacking in his insurance coverage which he might have overlooked. After all, Jeffrey acknowledges that he is no financial adviser, and his insurance policies were decided upon by himself, so any comments and/or suggestions are definitely welcomed and much appreciated by Jeffrey.

Updated Insurance (2021).png

Last reviewed: March 2021

Jeffrey would also like to remind his fellow readers that the purpose of his blog is solely to share with others how his journey in his pursuit for financial independence has been like so far, and that all information contained herein this blog is solely Jeffrey's personal opinion, and does not constitute an offer, recommendation or solicitation of an offer of any kind. Readers are also advised to do their own due diligence, and to consult a financial adviser for any financial advice.